In May 2013 LISERSTILLE (DK) and PARASHURAMA (DE) will team up and hit a few selected cities in Germany with a detour to Czech Republic.

Both bands are eager to get on the road and promise rock concerts, which will both make your heart skip a beat from beauty and blow your mind from epic rock!

11.05 – Augsburg
12.05 – Munich
13.05 – Frankfurt
15.05 – Prague (CZ)
16.05 – Stuttgart
17.05 – TBA
18,05 – Hildesheim
19.05 – Hamburg

LISERSTILLE plays modern epic rock music. After a break from the European highways, LISERSTILLE is now more than ready to hit the venues again — more intensive than ever! The band has just finished recording a mini-album, which will be released later this year, but some of this new material will for sure be on the set-list in May as well. On the tour LISERSTILLE also brings a brand new edition of the 2012 album NOUS on sparkling red vinyl. Prepare! -

PARASHURAMA is a young band located in Hamburg, who has just released their debut album ‘Captive Rooms’. The four musicians don’t care about genre boarders and well known conventions about style and tone and gave birth to their own individual diversified musical sound which never loses its recognition value. Charismatic vocals encounter driving guitar riffs. Melodic bass lines emphasize atmospheric soundscapes of organs, pianos and cello. Vintage connects with modern. And embedded in complex structures there are melodies which remain. -



Gandalf fears Moria because he knows what dwells there – nevertheless he must face his fear and enter.
In many ways we feel the same about the darkness of NIM! In this place hours goes by like seconds, years like days.
But it was truly wonderful to be back here in the safe company of our dear producer, mentor and friend Anders Ruby.
The first pre-mixes have been made, and oh lord! Hold on to your amps, cause this one is coming right at ya!!
Now the time has come to listen closely and make sure, the sound fits the feeling in the stomach – and it is pretty damn close! With a little luck we might be able to finish this completely by the end of next week! PREPARE!


Finally the time arose for Mr. Byrial to work his magic. The clear goal with the vocals on this mini album is to create something new! Something that has never before sat foot on a LISERSTILLE tune.
But to our fear we discovered, that our beloved Cube was infected with evil demons, and that a vocal session could not take place until these foul creatures were removed (we’ve been in the studio for so long now, that we can’t tell the different between demons and bad cables).
Luckily Mr. Gotlev has seen so many horror movies, that he knows just the violin melody that will scare any monster away!


Time for guitars! For this session we’ve been graced with some really heavy equipment to make it sound just right. A big thanks to Jacob Bredahl of Dead Rat Studio for borrowing us some evil machinery!
After a pretty long foreplay with testing all of the possible variations (three amps and to cabs) we found the perfect solution with the code word LINE SPLITTER = Twice the amount guitar – all the time!
BUT when it finally came to the part of actually recording the guitars, Tues nerves cracked under the enormous pressure. However we we’re lucky enough to be visited by none less but EDDIE THE SHREDDER himself, who ended up playing most of the guitars on the record. Everybody is happy with the result.

⨇ Saturday Night VS. Tom Collins ⨈

Saturday night was a Tom Collins night, as Mr. Helboe and Mr. Byrial set the compositions of the last track in stone, recording the song live at the Eternal Cube Of Doom. We were satisfied with the structure of the song 10 hours of composition older and 20 glasses of Collins’ happier, printing the final version at 7 am, and we’ll promise you guys some epic melancholy as you’ll reach the final state of the upcomming LES release.


Even though our studio diary has lacked studio content the past couple of weeks, we are still on full throttle in the cube of doom! Organ Distortion Delight, Bass Bending Algorithms, Guitar Wanking Drool Tapping and Loopaphyin’ Nightmare Allegories has drenched the walls of the cube in a thick goo, sold by the pound to russian werewolves.

Huge Thanks to Edvard, for lending us his Brio Bellpiece Of Dispair and BattleRattle!

Be well!



Raising a protest for the current lack of respect for an incredible audience…
Last nights concert at Train, Aarhus, DK, was a blast… It´s been a long while since we last had our hopes and dreams come alive to that degree, as performing alongside We Invented The Night and Sky Architects in front of you guys.

How ever… During the show, a bad cable took out a minutes of our show, forcing us to go straight for the final performance featuring all of us singing Why In The World Not by Mimas. That in it self was not a disaster, as bad things happen once dependent on “technicalities. “ What we were actually hurried by, was the fact that the venue was to be turned into a night club at midnight… That nightclub apparently was so important, that once we hit the last notes, the lights were turned on and to our great disappointment we saw you, The audience, being showed out the doors by the bouncers right away, leaving no time to settle the experience.

We realize that we went two minutes over time, and that Train is driven by several different genres and people, but this proved a lack of respect for both audience and musicians. We had been working very hard to try and deliver a great show, and thus we would like to bring you our sincere apologies if any amongst the audience felt trodden on, or in any way felt disrespected by the staff. This was not, in any way, how we imagined the venue would tackle the transition from venue to nightclub.

One thing that is very important for us to say, is that the stage manager and the staff preparing the show with us, did a wonderful job, and we are always extremely pleased with the staff at train. They had to act the role of messenger once we were told to stop the concert, and we realize that they had nothing to do with the decisions being made.

Never the less, we sense something rotten when more than 500 people are showed out the doors, replaced by the 4 nightclub visitors who were standing in line outside. Take a look at the pictures…. Before and after the show… What was the hurry, but a stubborn agreement outside the ranges of the staff or the bands?

Train is a great place, and it has given us much in the last many years, but this still calls for protest. Some things have to change… What happened to common sense?

We hope to see all of you again when we play Aarhus next time, and we sincerely hope to at least be able to come out and say hello before the bouncers enter “nights-are-filled-with-bad-guys-and-I’m-the-law-so-get-the-fuck-out-mode.”

No offense bouncers… You just do your job, so maybe it’s time for the venue managers to set some standard of respect for a rock and roll audience.

Thank you dear audience and dear staff at Train, with an appeal to come together in doing great concerts and great club nights…

⩙ The sonic clue on the conductors’ whip ⩙

Bass Tracking, the sonic clue on the conductors’ whip has hereby been applied. This time Mr. Helboe set out for a more conclusive bass production, utilizing Carl Martins effects production, setting the quest for ambiance straight from the start.

Trusted Producer and Engineer Anders Ruby paid us a visit to aid in the setup, and we are extremely pleased with the foundation he has created.  The result is, in our opinion, by far the best bass production we’ve ever done. Taking gaze on the performer himself, you can see that he is extremely satisfied.
… This right here, is what we’ve come to know as “The Satisfied Bass Expression.”


While we are preparing for the birth of the perfect bass sound, we have some more good news for you.

At February 8th we will play a show at LOPPEN in Copenhagen together with the awesome band DRONE!

Drone is by far the best progressive grunge band in Denmark and we are proud to finally play a show together with them. Drone released their debut album ‘Doors Of Perception’ in late 2011, which was recorded in close collaboration with our dear producer, mentor and friend ANDERS RUBY at his LATE FAIRYTALE RECORDING STUDIO in the darkness of Nim.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then check out the thrilling video for the track ’Divide and Conquer’ above…

More info about the show can be found here:

Hope to see a lot of you there! This will most likely be our last show in CPH for a while.

✖ Preparing for Musik Aarhus Festival ✖

✖ Preparing for Musik Aarhus Festival ✖

Today we take a a break away from the studio to prepare ourselves a bit for our upcoming show in connection with the Musik Aarhus Festival. The concert will take place at Train in Aarhus – and please do not miss this fantastic opportunity! Cause this one really will be something to see! Not only will we share the stage with our friends from We Invented The Night and Sky Architects  – believe it or not – THE WHOLE THING IS FOR FREE!

So grab your friends and start to make plans for attending this great event NOW:

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