In May 2013 LISERSTILLE (DK) and PARASHURAMA (DE) will team up and hit a few selected cities in Germany with a detour to Czech Republic.

Both bands are eager to get on the road and promise rock concerts, which will both make your heart skip a beat from beauty and blow your mind from epic rock!

11.05 – Augsburg
12.05 – Munich
13.05 – Frankfurt
15.05 – Prague (CZ)
16.05 – Stuttgart
17.05 – TBA
18,05 – Hildesheim
19.05 – Hamburg

LISERSTILLE plays modern epic rock music. After a break from the European highways, LISERSTILLE is now more than ready to hit the venues again — more intensive than ever! The band has just finished recording a mini-album, which will be released later this year, but some of this new material will for sure be on the set-list in May as well. On the tour LISERSTILLE also brings a brand new edition of the 2012 album NOUS on sparkling red vinyl. Prepare! -

PARASHURAMA is a young band located in Hamburg, who has just released their debut album ‘Captive Rooms’. The four musicians don’t care about genre boarders and well known conventions about style and tone and gave birth to their own individual diversified musical sound which never loses its recognition value. Charismatic vocals encounter driving guitar riffs. Melodic bass lines emphasize atmospheric soundscapes of organs, pianos and cello. Vintage connects with modern. And embedded in complex structures there are melodies which remain. -