Raising a protest for the current lack of respect for an incredible audience…
Last nights concert at Train, Aarhus, DK, was a blast… It´s been a long while since we last had our hopes and dreams come alive to that degree, as performing alongside We Invented The Night and Sky Architects in front of you guys.

How ever… During the show, a bad cable took out a minutes of our show, forcing us to go straight for the final performance featuring all of us singing Why In The World Not by Mimas. That in it self was not a disaster, as bad things happen once dependent on “technicalities. “ What we were actually hurried by, was the fact that the venue was to be turned into a night club at midnight… That nightclub apparently was so important, that once we hit the last notes, the lights were turned on and to our great disappointment we saw you, The audience, being showed out the doors by the bouncers right away, leaving no time to settle the experience.

We realize that we went two minutes over time, and that Train is driven by several different genres and people, but this proved a lack of respect for both audience and musicians. We had been working very hard to try and deliver a great show, and thus we would like to bring you our sincere apologies if any amongst the audience felt trodden on, or in any way felt disrespected by the staff. This was not, in any way, how we imagined the venue would tackle the transition from venue to nightclub.

One thing that is very important for us to say, is that the stage manager and the staff preparing the show with us, did a wonderful job, and we are always extremely pleased with the staff at train. They had to act the role of messenger once we were told to stop the concert, and we realize that they had nothing to do with the decisions being made.

Never the less, we sense something rotten when more than 500 people are showed out the doors, replaced by the 4 nightclub visitors who were standing in line outside. Take a look at the pictures…. Before and after the show… What was the hurry, but a stubborn agreement outside the ranges of the staff or the bands?

Train is a great place, and it has given us much in the last many years, but this still calls for protest. Some things have to change… What happened to common sense?

We hope to see all of you again when we play Aarhus next time, and we sincerely hope to at least be able to come out and say hello before the bouncers enter “nights-are-filled-with-bad-guys-and-I’m-the-law-so-get-the-fuck-out-mode.”

No offense bouncers… You just do your job, so maybe it’s time for the venue managers to set some standard of respect for a rock and roll audience.

Thank you dear audience and dear staff at Train, with an appeal to come together in doing great concerts and great club nights…