☞ Last drums + Rhodes from hell ☜

Tonight the drums were completed – and Jon really did a great job on this one. Oh boy those toms are on fire – can’t wait to share this with you! The drum session ended with Jon tracking the last part of the EP together with Asbjørn on Rhodes. Totally without click track or sense of time or space – amazing! Some real magic happened in The Cube this night.
Meanwhile tracking the guys had a hardcore mental battle going on regarding the secret track DINOSAUR OF FUNK. You can get a closer look into their brains in this video…

≜ The recording has begun! ≜

≜ The recording has begun! ≜

We have entered the year 2013 and at the same time we have started to record new music in The Cube of Eternal Doom Studio in Skødstrup outside of Aarhus, Denmark! The outcome will be an EP with (approximately) 3 tracks, which will be released later this year.

Just before the holidays we made a quick preproduction of the tracks (what a joy to have our own and fully functional recording studio). The tracks that we recorded for the preproduction are more uncompleted than we have ever tried before. In this way there’s room for a lot of experimenting with both the sounds and the form while recording. The production plan extends over a little more than a month, which is almost the same as when we recorded NOUS. But since that record (which will soon be out on vinyl) contains 6 songs, then we should have twice as good time for everything now.

On this recording session we are focusing very much on the pre production while making click tracks for the songs. This means fx that all choruses won’t have same tempo and that some pretty dramatic tempo changes also can be heard in the final production. Pretty exciting stuff.

After some pretty hard days with making the drums sound just perfect (is it actually legal to make kick sound for six hours straight?) we are now on the right track. The keyword for this session will be ‘AMBIENCE’ and now it is just for mr. Jon Gotlev to nail it!

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